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  Galleries by Jim Beller

  Luna and Daisy

Mendocino pics 25th anniversary trip

  (number of pictures: 5)
  View From Baker Beach

Cell Phone Pics

  (number of pictures: 7)
  Assembling for the parade

La Rama Jarocha

  (number of pictures: 8)
  a gig at the berlin wall

Kate’s Mo-dette Pictures

  (number of pictures: 6)
  Beagle on the rocks

Arrival of the QM2

  (number of pictures: 6)
  Ready to track

Daisy Tracking

  (number of pictures: 4)
  Front view before starting

Our Construction Project

  (number of pictures: 44)
  The Van R-6 w 150 hp Lycoming Engine

Flying with Jack Aug 21, 2007

  (number of pictures: 9)
  New window in old house

Construction II

  (number of pictures: 14)
  Daisy wears her hat for the stroll

Solano Stroll 2007

  (number of pictures: 13)
  me and daisy walking

Roel Visits 10-26-07

  (number of pictures: 8)
  Looking East - Refrigerator still to install

Almost Finished With Construction!

  (number of pictures: 5)
  The Burger

Daisy’s 11th Birthday Burger Bash!

  (number of pictures: 6)

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