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Our Construction Project

Front view before starting Back Porch Back view after demotion
The Porta-Potty! The Cat Caesar and the culverted Middle Creek
Angelina and Mike the foundation contractors Black Plastic! Finished Foundation
Chao starting the framing Daisy making trouble More pony wall framing
Framing 1st floor 1st Floor Daisy checks out the first floor
More daisy on the first floor Pumping out the Porta-Potty Benny digging
Wall raising 1 Wall raising 2 Wall raising 3
Wall raising 4 Wall raising 5 Wall raising 6
Wall raising 7 Wall raising 8 Another wall up!
Plumbing drains installed Plumbing Daisy guarding the sheathing
More Daisy guarding sheathing Looking north into the clerestory Framing the dining area
More framing Bedroom windows being framed view from the roof
Els, Chris and Paula in the bedroom window Chris in our window Porch and entry to sunroom with beagle
Sunroom looking northwest Bedroom framing done Bathroom framed in
E. C. & P in the sunroom North through laundry  

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